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Estate Disputes

Probate disputes can be fraught with emotionally charged and highly complex legal issues. Drawing on over four decades of litigation experience, the probate law team at the offices of Robert W. York is dedicated to softening the blow of your loss while maintaining an assertive stance in the courtroom to defend your rights and the final wishes of your family member or loved one.

Over the past 45 years, probate litigation attorney Robert W. York has seen almost every kind of estate dispute. His dedication to effectiveness in representing his clients’ interests in mediation and in the courtroom has earned him the respect of his peers throughout the state of Indiana.

In our experience, most probate disputes arise when the people involved act on unqualified advice or out of their own selfish interests, disregarding the wishes of their loved ones. These probate disputes can take many forms, including:

  • Interference with inheritance charges
  • Disputes between beneficiaries of a will or trust
  • Conflicts regarding the executor or guardian of the estate
  • Issues of intestate succession for those who die without a will
  • Will contests, especially those involving vulnerable adults

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