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Indiana Estate Administration Attorney

The responsibilities involved in administering a loved one’s estate can be complex, and the potential legal challenges are daunting to consider.

Instead of relying on the advice of well-meaning family, friends or inexperienced lawyers, wouldn’t it be better to have the guidance of an estate administration and probate litigation attorney like Robert W. York on your side?

In over 45 years in litigation practice, Robert W. York has extensive knowledge of estate administration matters.

When counseling beneficiaries, trust administrators, estate executors, and the survivors of accident victims, our team of estate administration professionals helps to soften the blow of the loss of a loved one while vigorously pursuing our clients’ interests in:

  • Administration of large and small probate estates
  • Administration of trusts whether created separately or in the Last Will
  • Wise strategies for asset distribution and business succession

For the in-depth knowledge and seasoned advice of an estate administration attorney whose reputation for courtroom effectiveness is well deserved, contact the Indianapolis offices of Robert W. York today.

Wrongful Death Estates

If you have filed a wrongful death claim for damages in the loss of a family member who was an accident victim or died due to the negligence of another, you may already know that the probate court is involved throughout the process in administering the estate.

If the decedent had a substantial existing estate, then the wrongful death portion may be merged into the normal probate process. If, on the other hand, the wrongful death suit represents the primary (or singular) asset in the estate, different rules apply. For example:

  • You must apply to the court to appoint a representative to maintain the wrongful death lawsuit.
  • The court will also exercise authority over such decisions as the hiring of counsel and determining reasonable fees.
  • Should you decide to settle the wrongful death action, the court must give its approval.

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