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Vigorous Handling Of Business Contract Disputes

From large to small, contracts are the backbone of business. Contracts detail how business is done, what is expected to be completed, when something is to be completed and much more. When issues arise over a contract, it can bring business to a halt if it’s not properly handled.

If your business is involved in a contract dispute, turn to us. At Robert W. York & Associates in Indianapolis, we have decades of combined business law experience that we use when handling challenges with contracts. Led by founding attorney Robert W. York, our firm can employ a detail-oriented approach to contract dispute resolution.

We use up-to-date legal information and our knowledge of contract law to examine the contracts in question and work with our clients as well as opposing counsel to resolve any issues and work to prevent future problems.

Breach Of Contract Claims

Most contract disputes revolve around the alleged breach of a contract. That is, one or more of the terms stated in the contract has been violated in a detrimental way to one of the parties.

  • If the breach caused losses, the party that breached the contract may be responsible for compensating the other party for those losses.
  • If you are accused of breaching a contract, it is best to retain an attorney to fight on your behalf. Your lawyer at our firm can review the entirety of the contract and the breach claim and determine how best to handle the situation.
  • If another party has breached a contract to your detriment, we can take action against them to ensure that they are held responsible for the delays and financial issues that the breach may have caused.

Innovative Solutions And Optimizing Outcomes

In many situations, it is in the business’s best interests to resolve the contract dispute as efficiently as possible. We are often able to negotiate with opposing counsel and reach a solution, reducing costs and burdens on the business. However, if negotiations fail, we do not back down from taking your case to court and litigating the business matter. Staffed with two seasoned and highly respected trial attorneys, our firm will actively argue your case in front of a judge whenever necessary.

Have An Aggressive Legal Team On Your Side

To discuss your specific contract dispute or breach of contract issues with a lawyer at our office, send us an email or call us at 317-953-2144 today.